The Dreaded First Post!

Hello no one everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to my blog! I am very excited to be able to contribute my thoughts and ideas to an already innovative, creative community that is “social media”. In this blog I will be discussing trends and ideas in emerging technologies / social media.  I will use this first post however to introduce myself, and give you an idea of who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Where I’ve Been

My name is David Spinks.  I live in Long Beach, NY where I was born and raised.  That’s right, I live on five minutes from the beach, be jealous.  I spent my teen years attending Long Beach High School, your average neighborhood public school, going to rock shows, and working in restaurants.  From there I managed to convince SUNY Geneseo that they should allow me to study there.

sturges_hall_at_suny_geneseoAway I moved from the buzzing, beach life that is Long Island to the bitter cold, buzzless town of Geneseo in Western New York…and I loved it.  Geneseo provided me with an amazing environment to grow and mature.  I gained valuable knowledge in terms of education and perhaps more importantly, in terms of social life.  I’ve made friends that I will be close with for the rest of my life.

Last Summer I had the amazing experience of interning at Ruder Finn Interactive (RFI) in Manhattan.  An amazing team of professionals helped me find what I consider today, to be my passion; Social Media.  Unlike most internships, I had the opportunity to really contribute to projects and sometimes take on entire projects on my own.  They trusted me to represent them well and for that I am forever grateful because it allowed me to really develop experience in the field.  Friendly and fun, RFI is a team that I am be proud to have been a part of.  I currently work for them on a freelance basis from school far, far upstate so I don’t get to have fun with everyone anymore.

Where I’m Going

I have set many goals for myself in my life.  One of the most difficult things I’ve found is that my goals overlap each other and make it very difficult to plan my future.  I recently took a trip to China (blog post with lots of pictures coming soon!) and it reawakened my love for traveling.  I cannot plan out trips while I’m searching for jobs though!

I plan on taking my Birthright trip this summer, assuming it’s safe in Israel(fingers crossed) then looking to start a full-time job after the summer. Fair? I think so.

I am extremely excited to grow as a professional and learn new things from those that I work with.  I have found my passion in social media and when you love something, it’s almost too easy to learn more and more about it every day.

I look forward to maintaining this blog with interesting discussions and new ideas.  I know there are so many blogs on social media already so I will try to be original to the best of my ability!  I hope you will find some valuable information here and will honor me with your feedback and ideas!



5 thoughts on “The Dreaded First Post!

  1. Hi David,

    Ahh, getting started is always the hardest part. Once you have a steady stream of readers you’ll have tons of motivation to post. Good luck and looking forward to reading!


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