7 Groups In College That Would Benefit From Using Twitter

picture-3How popular is Twitter amongst your friends and peers?  Currently, my peers are the students and faculty at SUNY Geneseo and unfortunately, most of them have never heard of everyone’s favorite new micro-blogging service.  I’ll admit, at first when I heard of Twitter, I didn’t really understand its purpose and doubted its relevance.  I am now an avid enthusiast of twitter and the advantages it can bring to communities.  Here are some groups that could benefit from the use of Twitter in college.

The Students!

College students love updating their facebook status and they will love Twitter too.  Find your friends, follow, and enjoy communicating!  Let your classmates know about the kid juggling on the college green, gather a group for a game of ultimate frisbee or KanJam, announce the house party you’re planning, or just vent about how much time you’ve wasted procrastinating in the library.  College campuses are always buzzing and there’s no reason you should miss out on a single thing that goes on!

The Teachers

Twitter can provide you with an alternative, amazing to communicate with your students.  Rather than send out lots of emails to each student answering their questions on the night before a test, just tweet them!  If you want to add a personal touch to your twitter account, that’s up to you.  In small schools, teachers and students have the ability to get to know each other on a more personal level, providing for a more comfortable learning environment.  In larger schools its not likely that the teacher will be able to get to know each of their students as well, so TWEET! Let them know what you do outside of class, let them @reply to you and get to know your students a little bit better.

The Administration

Yea I’m talking to you, you big scary deans.  I know that’s not how most of you would like the students to view you but what do you expect?  The only time students get to communicate with their administration is when we need something overridden that you probably won’t override, or when we’re in trouble.  You can change that though!  Like the CEO of a company, you can set the culture of the school.  Show the students that you’re a real person too and that you can relate to them. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com could probabely attest to the value of getting to know your employees (faculty) and your customers (students) through the use of Twitter. You can check out an interview with Tony here.


Big test tomorrow and you don’t understand something?  Huge homework assignment due? Need some ideas for a paper?  Get help from people who are sitting in the library or in their room thinking the same exact thing as you.  Get help from people who have been there before.  One thing that you’ll find to be an amazing aspect of twitter is that people love to help each other (usually).  If you are confused about something, work collaboratively with your classmates and community on twitter to find the help you need.

Clubs / Organizations

Similar to companies, Twitter can help college clubs and organizations communicate with their members and other students.  Let students know about your upcoming events or fundraisers.  Find out from the campus community what kind of things students are interested in. Get feedback from students on past events and ideas for the future.  Greek organizations can advertise for their big rush and philanthropy events.

The Alumni

Stay in touch with your classmates and meet the students that come after you.  If you’re a business person, you can connect with other alumni to collaborate, find  job opportunities and you can also provide opportunities to future graduates.

School Newsletter

Most campus newsletters are beginning to post their articles online for the students to read.  Twitter is perfect for spreading interesting new articles!  Post your headlines, get feedback, announce upcoming sports games or campus events, and get in touch with the readers.  Remember not to just post every article that you write but to provide valuable information to your readers and contribute to the community.  Retweet content that others write.  Take part in the conversation.  Twitter is a 2-way conversation, don’t treat it like a 1-way announcement board.

Is Twitter popular in your college?  What other advantages can Twitter provide to college groups?

-David Spinks

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