What Makes A Social Media Profile Legitimate?

default_avatarDo you automatically click away from any profile that doesn’t have a picture? How many friends or followers does a person have to have before you give them the time of day?  While it may not seem like it to many of us that have been very active in social media, it is still a very new concept that is far from universally accepted.  You should expect a lot of profiles to look unprofessional, unconnected, and incomplete as many people are trying out different web communities for the first time.  Does this mean they are not worthy of communicating with you, or that you shouldn’t pursue business opportunities? That depends.

Each and every one of us had a default user picture and profile at one point, and knows what it feels like to feel lost in a new community.  While social media is in its early stages, the only way to really tell whether a profile is legitimate or not is by engaging in conversation with the person.

Personally, I have wrapped my head around facebook, myspace, linkedin and twitter pretty thoroughly. There are so many other sites that I have joined to become more familiar with, new ones coming out every day, and I have not yet become quite comfortable with them. Does that mean that I’m not worth communicating with? I sure hope not. I would hope that any one I attempt to connect with would give me a chance as I always try to provide valuable insights and am excited to grow in every community I join.

Here’s an idea.

Try to look at new users as opportunities!  Instead of clicking away from their profile and thinking, “I’ll wait until they are a bit more developed in the community“, HELP THEM!  I can attest that as a new blogger, I sometimes feel lost and find myself not knowing how to do many things.  This makes me greatly appreciate any help I get from more experienced bloggers like @SoItsComeToThis.  Usually it’s something simple like a bit of code, or a setting I haven’t seen before.

Now, as I grow as a blogger, and establish myself in the communities that I participate in, I will remember those that helped me when I was starting off.  If you’re a business trying to communicate with customers, what better way to build brand evangelism?  You never know which under-developed, “unprofessional” new users can end up helping you in the future.

Do you agree or am I just speaking nonsense?  Tell me what you think!

-David Spinks

TweetIt from HubSpot

2 thoughts on “What Makes A Social Media Profile Legitimate?

  1. Thanks! It’s definitely important to be able to take advice from more experienced bloggers. It would be nice to have a mentor like that.


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