3 T’s of TwiTTer

Whether you’re new to Twitter or just need a reminder on why you’re on Twitter, here’s a simple way to remember why we Tweet.

twitter-bird-21. Tell

  • Tell people what you’re thinking
  • Tell people what you’re reading
  • Tell people what you’re writing
  • Tell people what you’re doing

2. Talk

  • Talk to people about what you’re thinking, reading, writing and doing
  • Talk to people about what they’re writing, reading, thinking and doing

3. Take

  • Take away feedback on what you’re thinking and writing
  • Take away new ideas and viewpoints
  • Take away new friends and contacts

Stay productive, remember the 3 T’s of TwiTTer.

4 thoughts on “3 T’s of TwiTTer

  1. The 3 T’s of twitter. Thats a good way to stay productive. Twitter is an effective tool, remembering the 3 T’s will help gain the full benefits of twitter.

  2. I’m pretty much a twitter failure all the way around. I manage to sign in once a week and tweet like a sick bird. Maybe I’ll get the hang of it one day.

  3. Cooper,

    I was the same way when I first started. I would suggest using search.twitter.com and type in some keywords that interest you. Follow 20 people that look like they share your interests and just start reading and sharing. Once you have a good amount of friends that you communicate with, you’ll start to feel more comfortable using twitter. Pretty soon you’ll be addicted!

    Thanks for reading.


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