Chatwatch: #Blogchat

Photo cred: David Sifry
Photo cred: David Sifry

Have you been taking part in #journchat every Monday night?  If you have, you’re aware of how great it is, but also how popular it is becoming…perhaps too popular.  #journchat covers a very wide range of topics, from journalism to social media to PR and has gained a huge following.  It’s hard to keep up!

For this reason I’m confident that you will start to see more focused chats begin to gain momentum.  Chats like #blogchat, where the conversation will focus on blogging related topics. With 2 chats under the belt already, this weekly chat started by Mack Collier has brought together some of the bloggers’ brightest and covered topics such as getting more comments/interaction on your blog, and making company blogs more like personal blogs.  Whether you have some blogging questions or you’d just like to bounce some thoughts and ideas off other bloggers, come and join the conversation.

…and how do these awesome chats get started?  Mack describes the rigorous process in this tweet.

#Blogchat Info

Time: 8:00 CST Sunday nights.

Platform: Twitter

Moderator: Mack Collier

Format: Currently experimental, changing every week until the most efficient method is found. Next chat will consist of three general themes, allotted roughly 30 mins each.

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