How I Used Social Media to Get a Job

Photo cred: Jason (aka Jasmic)

First off, I’m proud to announce that I have been hired for this Summer as the Community Manager for Scribnia (in alpha), a web start-up based out of Boston, but working out of Philly. I am extremely excited about this opportunity and look forward to what should be an amazing experience to work with some great people.

Of course I use social media for a number of reasons, with finding a job only being one of my goals albeit the main one recently.  I would not have been able to create this job opportunity without the help of the social media tools I have frequented over the past several months.  I’d like to share my journey to this point with you in hopes that it might inspire some of you who are in a similar position to embrace these concepts.

I started off at my internship at Ruder Finn Interactive (RFI) which I may be referring to as the start to my career for the rest of my life. A big part of what I did at RFI dealt with reading and outreaching blogs. I quickly learned the value of blogging and began to read more and more about the social media space. There was a lot of talk on these social blogs about Twitter and so I checked it out.

I spent a couple months not really “getting” it and really only used my Twitterberry 2-3 times a week. I started following a lot of people in the social media space like @chrisbrogan @SoItsComeToThis @Skydiver @Scobleizer and other people that I already knew that were on twitter. Eventually Twitter “clicked” for me.  By connecting and following more and more interesting and helpful people, I was directed to a lot of great blogs where I started reading and commenting like crazy. I found my passion.

I reached the point in reading and commenting on blogs while connecting on twitter where I realized that I had a lot to say about this stuff, and decided to start my own blog. I went to, whipped up a blog and just started writing. It didn’t take me long to realize how tough and rewarding writing a blog can be. It would take me 2-3 hours to write each post, if I can come up with good ideas for posts. For a while I was also facing the new blogger’s dilemma, where I felt like I was speaking to the world and no one was listening. It’s not a fast or easy method, but you have to stick with it.

Fast forward…after months of reading, writing and connecting, I’ve created some amazing connections/friendships with professionals who share my passion. My blog has a small but amazing community, and has allowed me to show potentially hiring companies my level of knowledge and that I have a passion for the industry. I’ve learned more from conversing and sharing with other professionals than I ever could have from my classes or books. I’ve even had the privilege to guest post at blogs that I’ve followed and looked up to from the start, like Mashable and Kyle Lacy.

The biggest lesson I think I’ve learned is to never pass up an opportunity to connect and to network. These social media tools have made it easier than ever to network and you should use it to its fullest. Even if you don’t think there is that much to gain directly from connecting with someone, you never know where an opportunity might develop. By connecting and sharing with each other, you contribute to the community and make it better for everyone… including yourself.

Stuart Foster, a smart and wittily sarcastic consultant who created The Lost Jacket asked me to write a guest post for his blog. I immediately responded telling him I would. I wrote the post where a pretty interesting conversation ensued. One of those people in the conversation checked out my blog, and found me to be a good candidate for his company’s community manager position. I am now moving to Philly this Summer (=.

Regardless of your passion, you can contribute, connect, and share using these tools.  You never know where your opportunities will come.

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25 thoughts on “How I Used Social Media to Get a Job

  1. Kick ass dude. You are going to make a great new company even cooler by going to Scribnia. The community is young and still developing but I’m making a point to visit the site and point people there whenever I get a chance.

    Really pumped that I at least helped (you did the work) facilitate this.

    1. Thanks Stuart. Scribnia seems like a great company. I saw that you’ve been active on there, very cool.

      I don’t know if my blog will have the same effect, but I’d love for you to guest post for me at some point soon. (=

      1. Haha, regardless I’d love to do a blog post for you David. Just give me a time frame of when you want it and I will definitely provide one. Always great to get in front of a different audience.

  2. Congratulations Dave. You deserve it!

    When will you be moving to Philadelphia? Let me know if you need any help/tips with anything.

    A few people you should connect with down here if you haven’t already: @jesslaw & @ecwdwd are Temple PR majors and future PR all-stars and @annebuchanan is my current boss and owns a small PR agency outside Philly.

    Congrats again!

    Tom (@tomokeefe1)

    1. Thanks a lot Tom. I’ll be moving in around mid-late May. Will probably depend on when I can move into whichever apartment I find.

      I will definitely look into connecting with them Philly all-stars ^_^

      We’ll definitely have to meet up at some point.

  3. Way to go, David! So proud of you and know that you will rock it at your new job. Have fun in Philly and keep blogging! It will be fun to follow you as you make the transition from college.



  4. Thank you for sharing your story, and congratulations! That’s fantastic. You’re writing some really good posts so it’s no surprise to me that someone scooped you up. You are inspiration for my future job search in Raleigh. Keep on blogging, don’t leave us completely!

    1. Thanks so much Deirdre. I couldn’t write any good posts without the thought provoking discussions I have with you and the community on twitter. I’ll keep blogging…promise (=

  5. How the deuce did I miss this news??

    Congrats, man – well deserved and from what I’ve seen of Scribnia so far, great company – here’s to both your success 🙂

  6. Hey I didn’t even realize you’d found a position! Congratulations, good job, best of luck and all that jazz 🙂 And you’ll be moving to my city..feel free to reach out to me if you need any help with anything. Will let you know if the Villanova PR crew has any exciting stuff planned that you might wanna attend 🙂

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