Switch to Seesmic Desktop…Now.

Seesmic DesktopFor the longest time, Tweetdeck was my Twitter application of choice. Those days are now long gone. With my new job, I realized I was going to need a service that allowed me to maintain multiple accounts. I was disappointed since I was under the impression that no other apps compared to tweetdeck, but it was a sacrifice I was going to have to make.

I decided to try out Seesmic Desktop as I was a follower of @loic for some time and heard some good things about the app. Goodbye Tweetdeck.

Seesmic offers everything that Tweedeck offers and then some. Here are a few things that have made me a Seesmic Desktop evangelist

  1. Customer Service.  First and foremost, the @askseesmic twitter account was enough to make me switch.  I would constantly have issues with Tweetdeck, complain about it on Twitter (naturally) and the only responses I would get were from other people facing similar issues.  When starting to use Seesmic Desktop, I had a lot of questions, and a couple issues.  Not a minute after I said something on Twitter @askseesmic responded and answered my questions.  Afterwards, any time I had a question, I sent a reply to @askseesmic and received a prompt, helpful response.  This, to me, is invaluable.
  2. Prompt Updates.  I don’t know if the Tweetdeck creators have been listening at all, but there is an array of issues with the application that have gone unfixed for months…where are the updates?  Since starting to use Seesmic Desktop less than a month ago, there have already been updates fixing issues and adding features that customers have been asking for. Is it perfect yet? No…but I guarantee you that they will constantly be working to make it better.
  3. Functionality. Aside from basic things actually working, like adding people to groups, there are a number of features that makes Seesmic Desktop my favorite Twitter app.  Danny Brown lists a bunch here.  For me, the big ones are multiple accounts, smoother/easily organized columns, ability to save searches and a few more of “the little things”.

Unless Tweetdeck starts listening and responding accordingly, they are going to lose all of their momentum.  Seesmic has already begun to cut away at it.  Until Tweetdeck does something, switch to Seesmic Desktop…now. You’ll thank me later.

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26 thoughts on “Switch to Seesmic Desktop…Now.

  1. I’ve started, stopped, started and am currently stopped with Seesmic right now. I think I need to suck it up and get over the learning curve though. I just like Tweetdeck’s name better :).

    1. There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve but if you can figure twitter out, I have faith you can figure Seesmic desktop out…and as I said, @askseesmic really does help right away. Helped me get over the learning curve.

  2. Nice reasons why Seesmic is kicking Tweetdeck all over the shop at the minute. Like you say, the updates and customer service alone are putting Seesmic streets ahead of Tweetdeck.

    And Mr Foster – stop being such a name tart and start sucking up already 😉

    1. I said it once I’ll say it again…A good customer service experience will outweigh an ad campaign every time. Don’t tell people that you have a good service, show them why.

  3. Or just use Nambu, which does all the same Twitter stuff, is OSX native, uses way less RAM and also monitors trending topics.

    The one thing that still screws up all AIR apps is how much RAM they eat. I don’t understand it, as Twitter is just posting tiny text updates to a simple desktop interface. Why on earth does this take up 400MB of RAM?

    1. Thanks, I’ll check out Nambu.

      I think Twitter takes so much RAM because of how fast all the updates come in…but in reality I’m making that up and have no idea. Is it something Twitter can work on?

  4. I just can’t stand Seesmic, I thought I’d love it being an @twhirl user always although I find myself unable to add columns even in newest version for my secondary twitter account @brianjking @kiwicomm and then have a column for that @kiwicomm’s @replies and DMs, etc.

    Any help? Thanks! Cheers!

  5. Did Seesmic add the ability to follow people from within Seesmic? That was a major turnoff for me. I’ll give them another shot since you’re so enthused by them.

  6. First of all. thanks, David for your post! It’s great affirmation to the Seesmic team, led by our CEO, Loic.
    But we’re not resting on our laurels, yet. There’s still a lot for us to work on and optimizing Seesmic Desktop is one of them, along with a lot of other features. We’re really focused to listen, learn, adapt (h/t @armano) and more importantly, execute. Listening and working with the users like all of you makes it much more easier. We’re also trying to build up our help site and feedback site, so willing to listen and assess what’s needed. Thanks, Yama @askseesmic (hopefully, I’ll be able to help Brian’s issue soon).

  7. Seesmic Desktop is a great app except whent it comes to create userlists. You can only add a user to a user list but you cannot create a userlist by selecting many users in a list (like in TweetDeck). So for now, I am sticking with TweetDeck

    1. Hi, Harry. Totally appreciate your issue. We’re working on addressing that in an upcoming release. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hmm, I have run Sessimic a bit but, as some others have said, the initial learning curve and interface has turned me off (at this point). I agree the options are there, but from a user friendliness standpoint, Tweetdeck takes the cake.

    I just need to suck it up and spend a little time learning the ins and outs of Sessimic.

    1. Hi, Matt.
      Part of our process in releasing this early is to gather user feedback to get the best assessment of UI and functions. We took the “power of community” approach – and that also includes training, as well. http://help.seesmic.com/ is our help site, and we’re hoping to get other oppotunities like a video webcast session. Feel free to ping @askseesmic, too! Thanks, Yama

  9. Nice David! I also recently just moved over to Seesmic – So far, so good. Keep the tips coming, I didn’t know about the @askseesmic account. Thanks!

  10. Great article and Seesmic is worth the learning curve. Once I got past that, TweetDeck became a thing of the past… that and Tweetdeck did not like FireFox… they always argued and I lost when FF crashed!

    Quick question to any and all: What the heck is the USERLISTS option. Is this to follow other accounts under Twitter?

    1. Thanks for reading Bruce.

      The userlists option allows you to create groups. When you click on the options for a user, you’ll see an option “add to userlist”. Each userlist will have its own column, where only the updates of the people you add to that group will show up.

      Enjoy! I couldn’t live without my userlists (= Makes it easy to stay engaged with the people that you interact with the most.

  11. Ah hah! I just didn’t want to try it and mess up my small controlled environment with new and unknown options. Some days, that can be vexxing.

    Thanks David. -Bruce

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