The Blogger and the Box Salesman

A lesson in spreading your content.

The blog post title and link will be played by The Box

The blog post content will be played by The Stuff Inside The Box

The blogger will be played by The Box Salesmen

Photo cred: Kersten A. Riechers

Scenario 1

Box salesman: Hello sir, would you mind selling these enclosed boxes for me?

Sir: I have no idea what’s in those boxes…get away from me weirdo.

Scenario 2

Box salesman: Hello sir, would you mind taking a look in this box?

Sir: I don’t know who you are. What if there are bees in that box. Nothxbye

Scenario 3

Box salesman: Hello sir, would you like to have a drink on me?

Sir: Sure why not.

…a drink and a chat later…

Sir: What’s in those boxes?

Box salesman: Here…Take a look!

Sir: Wow…infinite wisdom! I’m going to share these with everyone!

Box salesman: HOORAH!

For those not so theatrically inclined…

Photo cred: Douglas Porter

Scenario 1 = Worst. Don’t ask someone to share (retweet) your post.
Scenario 2 = Better. Share your post with them, without asking them to share it…but if they don’t know you, they don’t trust you yet, and they probably won’t even look.

Scenario 3 = Best. Show interest in the person. Get to know them a little bit.  If you engage with the person, you won’t even have to ask them to look at your post.

Summary: If you don’t know someone, don’t ask them to share your post.  If you do know someone, and they haven’t shared your post already, just ask them to read it and leave it up to them if they’d like to share it or not.

Tip: Choose people that would actually be interested in your post, and ask them for their opinion on the topic.

5 thoughts on “The Blogger and the Box Salesman

  1. Fun illustration! I’m always amazed when people ask for retweets from someone they have absolutely no relationship with. It borders on rude!

    Love all the good stuff that comes from your blog, David. Keep it up!

  2. Great post as always! I don’t mind when people share their blog posts with me, but I hate when they ask that I RT it. Like you said, if I enjoyed it/found it worthwhile, I’ll probably share it on twitter anyways.

    1. exactly…asking someone to RT something is like saying, trust me, it’s valuable. Well how do they know what I find to be valuable? If I trust you, I’ll certainly check the content out, but don’t assume that because I trust you, I’ll find it valuable.

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