Journchat Philly LIVE Event Aug 17th

PhillyJoin us!

For those who don’t already know about #journchat, it is a weekly twitter chat that takes place every Monday night, where journalists, public relations professionals, bloggers, social media professionals and anyone else interested comes together for a lively, open discussion on industry issues and trends.  In the words of the wonderful Sarah Evans,

“The mission of #journchat has always been to improve the relationships between public relations professionals, journalists and bloggers. Together we’ve created a safe environment to explore each industry and ultimately how social media is influencing all of us.”

j_twitter_avatar_biggerOn August 17th (one week from the day of this post) at 7:30est, SIX cities will be hosting a live event during the chat where participants will be able to join the conversation IN PERSON as well as online.

The cities are: Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Chicago.

You can find links to all the different events here.

Philly Location: 3711 Market St. (The Science Center)

You can find more info and sign up for the Philly Journchat event HERE. All are welcome. SPOTS ARE LIMITED!

Not good enough? Well Rustica Philly is totally awesome, and is providing pizza for the event! If you’re still not excited, it’s probably because you haven’t had Rustica pizza before.

Also, all professionals are invited for a pre-event to sit down with the start-up teams of DreamIt Ventures to learn about their entrpreneurial projects and shoot them some advice on your specialties.

If you’d like to attend the pre-event to sit with a start-up team, you have any questions or you’re interested in providing any SWAG from your brand or interested in sponsoring the event, email me at DSpinks5 at gmail dot com.

Hope to see you all there and get ready for an awesome discussion!

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