Mentor Monday: Chris Brogan

Mentor Monday is a series where I feature people that have helped me when I needed it, whether or not I asked for it, and whether or not they even realize it.  I am extremely thankful for these people, and would not be where I am today, or where I will be tomorrow, without them.

Feel free to join in and thank your mentors for everything they’ve done every #mentormonday.

The Brogan.
The Brogan.

Chris Brogan

His Blog.

His Twitter.

Chris definitely falls under that “whether or not they even realize it” mentor category.  He had no idea who I was, but had such an enormous impact on me.

I began reading his blog a little over a year ago when I was doing an internship at Ruder Finn Interactive and first started getting my hands dirty in social media.  As his blog was highly recommended by others in the space, I subscribed, and followed him on twitter.

I quickly found myself overwhelmed with excitement and passion as I read his blog, and found that he was writing about things that I understood almost too naturally, and could completely relate to.  His ideas and concepts hit home with everything that I wanted to build in my career.  I began to look up to him as a role-model, and a mentor.

Completely unrelated, I also had the absolute pleasure of connecting with Kathryn Jennex, Chris’ assistant, who is an awesome lady that has helped me a great deal, especially when I was first getting started blogging.  So I know Chris surrounds himself with great people.

Chris inspired me to start blogging, to get into “social media” and to strive to be a better professional.  Though we’ve only actually begun communicating recently, he’s been helping me for a long time, and I hope to one day be return the favor.

Thanks Chris.

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