Social Media is NOT an End

BB1162-002 How many followers do you have? How many facebook fans did your page bring in? How many RTs did you get on your last link?


It’s not that these numbers don’t matter, but these questions are irrelevant if they’re not tied to an end.

Social media isn’t an end. Being successful in social media isn’t necessarily success.  It doesn’t matter how well you do in terms of “social media numbers”.

What matters is what you turn those numbers into. The end is the bottom line, it’s leads, it’s customers, it’s money.

Stop treating social media like an end…it’s just another means to an end.

Thanks to Geoff Livingston for inspiring this post with his presentation at the Social Good conference.

7 thoughts on “Social Media is NOT an End

    1. Thanks for stopping by Geoff. I thought you brought up a lot of great points during your talk, and it’s those type of things that need to be recognized more often in this space.

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