One Fell Swoop Mentality

Photo cred: Chewy Chua
Photo cred: Chewy Chua

How can we prevent global warming?  How can we stop pollution?  How do you eliminate world hunger?

One step at a time.

You can’t solve any of these problems with one idea, or one event, but doing a little bit or taking it one step at a time, will help us get closer to solving them.

Creating a new pizza box, won’t stop the chopping down of trees…but it will help us lower our reliance on them.  It will be a step to a solution.

There tends to be a “one fell swoop” mentality in social media. Businesses want to build a presence online, people want to gain a large following on social networks, bloggers want to get more comments, etc… and there’s an unreasonable need for immediacy.

Sometimes you’ll hear about those that were able to succeed in what seemed like “one fell swoop”.  Don’t let the “success stories” fool you, because they either got really lucky, or put in a lot more work than you think.

Take your time, approach your problems strategically and don’t rush for results.  You’ll find that you learn a lot more when you take the proper steps to a solution, rather than trying to find shortcuts.

3 thoughts on “One Fell Swoop Mentality

  1. Important points, Dave. Patience is a virtue when it comes to social media.

    I think there’s also a tendency for companies (and people too) joining the social media world to want big results too quickly. When they don’t get the results they think they need, they either write SM off as useless and “just a fad” or look for the short cut that you mention, leading to a likely failure.

    As some would say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”


    Tom O’Keefe

    1. Exactly. It’s something we forget very quickly these days. You don’t have to solve every problem and achieve every goal in one shot. Take the steps to get there one at a time.

  2. Patience kind of sucks. Unfortunately we all have to deal with it. (I try not to, but that is besides the point)

    Taking a long look at where development can occur both from an individual, business and long/short-term gains.

    How you navigate these effectively will determine you future success.

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