5 Creative Ways to Use Sponsored Tweets

sponsoredtweetsBack when Sponsored Tweets launched, I wrote a post asking if it will survive.  (Disclaimer: Ted has since given me credit to test the service, which I wrote about here.)

I continue to think about the service and it’s possible value.  If done right, I really like sponsored tweets.  The goal isn’t always to manipulate the follower into finding value in a product…Sponsored tweets simply allow you to tap in to a community that you don’t currently have access to.

And it’s not always ads.  The message they choose to send can be a number of things. Here are some different ways that businesses can use sponsored tweets.

  1. Market Research. Want to know a community’s thoughts and opinions?   The answers you get will be more quality than a mass snail mail campaign, and it’s probably cheaper too.
  2. Contests.  If you want to start a contest for a specific community, you need to be able to reach the people in that community.  Sponsoring a tweet can be a great way to give away prizes.  It involves no “opinion” from the tweeter so their followers probably won’t be too offended.
  3. Crowdsource ideas. Pull in ideas by sponsoring tweets in different communities and asking for feedback. For example, a company wants to launch a new diaper product, and wants to gather ideas from mothers.  If you aren’t tapped into the “mom-blog” community on twitter, good luck finding answers there. Sponsor a tweet from a prominent “mom-twitterer” to ask questions for you.
  4. Collect donations for a cause. Most tweeters probably won’t even ask for money, assuming you have a worthy cause and you approach them respectfully.  Either way, you can reach a larger audience to get your charity off the ground.
  5. Sponsor a Q&A Expert Session. Say you have a site for bloggers.  Sponsor a Q&A session on twitter with Darren Rowse where he can answer questions from new bloggers directly.  Add your hashtag to the tweets, promote the event with your site.

See a re-occuring theme?  Again, sponsored tweets simply allows you to tap into communities that you don’t currently have access to.  Sure, if you’re trying to engage with the community, sponsored tweets aren’t the best method.

Not all tweets are meant for participating in conversation and building a community.

You can sign up to try out Sponsored Tweets here. (affiliate referral link)

What are some other creative ways to use sponsored tweets?

11 thoughts on “5 Creative Ways to Use Sponsored Tweets

  1. I really don’t see much difference between a sponsored tweet and the pop-up ads of old. Actually, sponsored tweets have the potential to be more deceiving. I’m not saying you’re a sell out for endorsing them, that would be ridiculous…

    I guess on second thought many of us are advertising ourselves on twitter anyway so maybe I’m not in a place to judge (I may or may not have went to my blog on all the computers when we were in Best Buy for some views)

    Reading over my post it seems that I once again have no actual point. *cough*sellout*cough*

    1. haha. Well the difference, which is why many people don’t like sponsored tweets, is because on twitter, most people use it for interaction and communication. It’s very human, it’s very personal and it’s based off trust. Pop up ads were very clearly ads that were hosted by a site. When it comes to an individual hosting an ad in their tweetstream, it can be an issue.

  2. sponsored tweets, only one minor issue.
    in 140 chars, where’s the disclosure?

    My take is simple: twitter is used for promotion, so no issue with the aim or intent.

    if sponsored tweets carried a little badge, or a clear indication they are coming from a “sponsored” twitter-er…. cool.

    simple solution would be to have a specific APP for sponsored tweets so that it shows up as the APP registered sender of any tweets from that twitter-er. (tongue tied? )

    short take — if you become a sponsored tweet… it should be noted on EVERY tweet out from that account — that solve the issue in one swoop.

    Otherwise, a “sponsored twitter” might be redefined as a “sp-itter”


    1. Actually Vince, the one thing that makes the specific service, sponsoredtweets.com unique, is that they enforce disclosure. Every sponsored tweet that is created through their site has to be disclosed using a hashtag (you have different hashtag options) or the tweeter will not get paid.

  3. David.
    their example uses hastag of #ad – there are many results for twitter search for that now. some are self-promos, some might be sponsored tweets.

    The line between a biz doing self promo, or a sponsor becomes muddied with this concept. This is not only “disclosure” it is taking over the biz of tweeting. A sponsored twitter-er will now still be an unknown.

    I don’t think the sponsored tweet system identifies itself, does it?
    On twitter you normally see the API which is used to send the tweets. such as
    ” about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck ”
    What I would like to see is
    ” about 1 hour ago from Sponsored Tweets” show up in the app line. That I would consider full disclosure. Hashtags are good, but not sufficient.

    I would soon expect to see #blogchat #ad tags soon. 🙂
    AND and RT will usually pickup the hashtags too — double payments?

    Like this example just in
    “RT @PowerSellingMom: Yipee, Sponsored Tweets hooked me up again: http://bit.ly/3FXwlE #ad Are you signed up yet?”
    just sent out by @EZF_TechMoms via API
    (so… umm who gets paid?)

    Like I said, concept is good, if the API identification were clearer
    as in example above, is that a sponsored tweet?

  4. David, I just noticed the “sponsored tweets” app listing.. IS beginning to show, perhaps an oversight on my part. On a small number of ads using #ads I now see it.
    ok, guess i’ll keep an eye out.

    I wonder how many naive sponsored tweets will go out NOT using their system directly, though.

    I know one thing…. I’ll stay clear of the #ad hashtag from now on any tweet I put out. (We do use #greenspot or #wandcan for example). I WISH my own posts were sponsored, but i’m too cheap to pay. 🙂

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  6. To effectively use Twitter for marketing, without having to spend all your time on Twitter, you need to set up a strategy. An effective system that builds your Twktter following will turn you as an authority in your niche, and will effectively promote your product, service, businrss.;

  7. Twitter is not merely status updates! Twitter is a place where you can market your brand or yourself in way to captivate and socially interact with your followers. Twitter, in essence, is really about creating online relationships with your followers. 

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