Social Media is a Good Distraction

I don’t know about you, but I’ve wasted countless hours back in the good ol days of highschool, playing One Slime…as well as candystand mini golf and the other simple games that weren’t blocked by the school.

Now don’t try to tell me that employees weren’t wasting their time playing stupid games too.

Distractions on the internet have existed as long as the internet.

Today, our distraction is social media.  In college, I couldn’t go through a single day without checking up on facebook.  Today, if I go a day without twitter, I start to get dizzy and forget where I am.

Not so bad though if you ask me.  Compared to spending hours trying to beat that damn “Big Blue Boss” and his evil minion, the “Psycho Slime”, spending time throughout the day connecting with friends and strangers, sharing valuable or entertaining content, and spreading ideas seems like a big step in the right direction.

Perhaps companies shouldn’t be looking to eliminate the distraction that is social media.  By distraction standards, social media is a blessing.  Perhaps they should start looking into how they can use it to help the company.


6 thoughts on “Social Media is a Good Distraction

  1. David, I hear that fear from companies, colleagues, and clients all the time. You’ll be wasting so much time. I think there is a risk of that but I can think of the dollars I have wasted (unfortunately even this year) in traditional marketing that didn’t even come close to breaking even.

    I know that my presence in social media has generated new clients but more importantly, it has given me so much more of an education through finding experts that understand topics from a different perspective and teach it better than I might learn from traditional sources. In addition, there are several business relationships and partnerships that would never have existed without my presence in social media.

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