A Lens Cap, a Pegshot, and a Shitty Envelope

Last week I was at social media week New York.

I went to the Obliterati party on Thursday night.

Whilst mingling and pretending I know how to take pictures, my lens fell off my camera…never to be seen again.  Needless to say, I was mildly distraught.

See? “=(“ = sad and “=\” = mildly sad.

But wait…

Phil DiGiulio (@holaphil) found it!  Just when I thought all was lost…

Yea…he even added a picture using his awesome website, pegshot.  He also used his service earlier in the week to provide the public immediate coverage of an elevator he got stuck in with Ann Curry, Jeff Pulver, and others…

Within moments, Patrick Johnson spotted the tweet, put tweet and tweet together, and excitedly tweeted that shit in my direction… tweet.

We then connected, and Phil offered to mail it over to me.  He’s the man.

Finally, my lens cap and I would be reuinited!!!

Until the envelop ripped on both sides and the lens cap fell out in the mail…

So the moral of this story is uhhhh…

9 thoughts on “A Lens Cap, a Pegshot, and a Shitty Envelope

  1. Haha ouch! I lost my lens cap at some panel at SXSWi last year and found it a few hours later 🙂 After that I got a filter/protector so that even if I lose my lens cap I wont completely destroy my lens or anything.

  2. This reminds me of that time you were trying to register for classes sophomore year and you hit register so many times that it locked you out of the server and you had to run to the registrar’s office every time you wanted to add a class.

    Only you Spinks…only you

  3. David,

    Man I read this story a month ago and completely forgot to respond [<– my bad]. I'm still bummed out the lens cap never made it home. I probably should have used a more study envelope. Anyways, at least you got to say your peace and see the lens cap one more time 🙂 I lost my Zacuto iPhone grip @ SXSW (http://pegshot.com/p/0c2aaabs0) and unfortunately can't say the same.

    FYI, we just used this story as a reference point in a Pegshot blog post: http://blog.pegshot.com/post/470785984/content-with-context

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