What’s up?@!#


Hey guys.  I remember a long time ago, Mack Collier said never to write a post apologizing for not posting in a while.


I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m still here and absolutely have not forgotten about my blog.  It has been on a bit of a hiatus since I went on vacation (more cruise pics coming soon I promise) and have been working exhaustively on some really cool stuff with Scribnia (stay tuned for some exciting announcements).

Oh and #u30pro has been growing like crazy, which is freakin awesome…and somewhat time consuming occasionally…but still awesome.  If you haven’t checked out our Brazen Careerist network…GOGOGO! It’s oodles of fun.

I promise that I’ve been learning a ton lately, and have some good posts cooking.  When things slow down, you’ll see some changes here, along with some sweet new content.

So…that’s where I’ve been.  What’s up with you?!

What have you guys been working on?  Any exciting new developments in your lives?  If you don’t want to comment, drop me an email anytime dspinks5 at gmizzle.

Oh and let me know if you’re going to SXSW so we can party network.

2 thoughts on “What’s up?@!#

  1. Hmmm… what have I been doing? I’ve been waiting for you to post something, but that’s not all. I’m sure I’ve been up to much that doesn’t warrant mentioning in a comment.

    I can’t remember how I found your blog, but here I am. I’m looking forward to what’s up next.

    OH! I remember now. The guest post by Carlos. Cool guy that Carlos.

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