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Who is David Spinks?

I am the Community Manager for Scribnia (where readers can review and discover online authors and bloggers), co-moderator of the #u30pro chat, an athlete, a gamer, an artist and many other things depending on who you ask. There’s no better way to get to know me than to just say hi. Feel free to comment on posts or connect with me on other sites listed in the side bar.  I thoroughly enjoy a good debate and appreciate all feedback.

What is “The Spinks Blog” all about?

The Short: In this blog I will attempt to wittily discuss the most recent trends, ideas, tips and questions on how businesses use social media.  I will also share tips and my experiences as a young professional as well as random topics of my choosing.

The Less Short: With the recent developments in social technology, businesses and people are beginning to communicate in ways that were never before possible.  With such unfamiliar concepts comes both success and failure.  By discussing our experiences and ideas, we become catalysts for the spread of knowledge and can develop new, creative concepts into relevant business applications.  I learn something new every day from innovative thought  leaders that share their ideas and experiences with everyone.  I write this blog to return the favor and contribute to the conversation.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Ok, is there such a thing as building a site and getting return on money? Do you have to constantly “work on it?” thanks,,

  2. David, I am blogging on social media being taught in colleges. Would you be interested in answering some interview questions on the topic?


    Ron Callari

  3. Nice blog, David! Found you through your recent comments on the Minnesota PR blog. Isn’t linkback/trackback great?
    I’ve got to add you to our company’s blogroll.

  4. We’re contacting you to let you know about a proprietary new breakthrough method this company just released, that can help you rapidly grow your business and give you an advantage no other agency in the world can offer.


    You’ll know within a few minutes if this is for you.

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