What Can You Expect From a Mentorship?

mentortiesIs it unreasonable to have expectations in a mentorship?

James Ryan Moreau asked me on twitter, “are mentors supposed to refer you to job postings? I found frustration in the past when I wasn’t getting interviews.”

My knee jerk reaction to the question was, you should never assume that a mentor owes you anything.  They’re committing their time as a mentor and it’s up to them what aspects of a mentorship they want to provide.

But after more thought, something like job recommendations seems like a reasonable expectation.  I think that if you respect a young professional enough to take them on as a mentee, you should be able to trust that they’ll represent you well.  If not, you shouldn’t take on taht person as a mentee.

Mentors expect things from the mentees too, don’t they?  A lot of mentorships consist of a mentor providing advice, and resources, while the mentee acts as an assistant that helps their mentor with work.  Or a mentor might just expect a mentee to work hard, to respect their time and to put in the extra effort in their career.T

Expectations are mutual.  A healthy mentorship is one in which both the mentor and the mentee trust and respect each other.  They’re professionals and they’re friends.  They’ll help each other whenever possible.

It shouldn’t be built on expectations, but rather the will to help and to learn.

Have any thoughts on this?

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7 Twitter Expectations and Predictions

twittercloudsTwitter hasn’t given us much.  We got a new homepage annnnd that’s about it.  So it’s pretty interesting that they’ve recently been announcing a few new features on the way.  They’re no small endeavor either.

Here are some additions that you can (officially) be expecting:

1. Official Retweets: Twitter has announced Phase 1 of their “Project Retweet”.  To this point “retweets” or the reposting of someone else’s tweet has been a feature created by users and has not been officially supported by Twitter.  Apparently, that’s going to change.  There are many implications of this project, so check out the article.

2. Premium Accounts: Don’t let the recent hoax fool you, twitter is planning to offer premium accounts.   Mashable Editor Ben Parr was able to confirm that premium accounts are indeed coming but we might not be seeing them for a while.  As expected, the first premium accounts will be targeted at businesses.

3. Location Based Tweets: Currently, users can put in their location in their profile. The new location feature will allow users to switch on an option that will read your longitude and latititude and so others can see exactly where you’re tweeting from.  The potential implications of this addition are huge! Anything from news, to closer integration with other location focused apps like foursquare to well, some darker implications and issues that will inevitably occur.  Regardless, things should get interesting.

Here are some features I’m predicting they’ll add soon:

4. Spam Killer: It’s getting bad. Now spammers learned that they don’t even need me to follow them in order to get their message out.  They can send @ replies, and some even use bots to automatically reply to, or retweet, anyone that uses specific keywords.  Something should be done, and I think Twitter knows that.

5. Official Replies: They’re making retweets official, why not replies as well?  Much like retweets, a @reply is a twitter feature created by users.  Twitter has officially recognized their value and created a replies link on the homepage, but I think they’ll officially integrate it into the system. Edit: To clarify, I mean that it will be built into the system.

6. A Big Acquisition: This is completely speculative, but I think Twitter is going to be making some purchases.  They’ve got a truckload of funding, with little to spend it on.  They openly stated in article about premium accounts, that they were thinking about buying friendfeed before facebook beat them to the punch.  Why would they want to acquire other companies? I’d say functionality.  We’ll see Twitter start to buy the companies that provide the most valuable functionality…probably 3rd party twitter apps. Possibly one of the big desktop apps?

7. Your Predictions: What do you think Twitter will do next? I’ll add some of your predictions here.

  1. Officially integrated hashtags: “an evolution of the hashtags, making it easier for tweeters to follow popular trends” –Rich Pulvino
  2. Less down time: “Server stability.” –Danny Brown
  3. Analytics and real-time search: Figuring out how to capture, parse and report data about user demographics and what users are sharing and discussing would be something any business would like access to. –Amy Mengel
  4. BUY FOURSQUARE: Seems incredibly obvious to me…and would be a great match for both companies. –Stuart Foster