Don’t Fight the Flood of Social Change

Photo cred: teejaybee
Photo cred: teejaybee

Apparently, companies are still blocking the use of social networks by employees.  If this study is true (I’m unsure) I really have to question how these companies grew in the first place.  They clearly don’t understand how to adapt to change.

While specific businesses may have been established at some point in the past, the people working for them are subject to the social environment that they currently live in.

For a while, you might try to keep out the changes that are occurring, but eventually, the flood gates will be opened, whether you like it or not.  If you’re not prepared to handle the flood, you’ll drown in it.

Case in point: Some business and professionals still tried to keep out comments and feedback on their content.  Google opened the flood gates by force.

So what do you do to prepare? As Trey Pennington put it, “Banning, [is] like telling teenagers “don’t,” [which] produces undesirable effects. Better to embrace, train, inform, equip.

Don’t fight the flood, because you’ll lose.  Embrace the fact that it’s going to come, then train, inform, and equip your brand to handle it.