Hey there! I’m David, but my friends (and for some reason my sister) call me Spinks 👋

I’m a coach who specializes in working with conscious community leaders. I help them bring their community vision to life and get to know themselves more deeply along the way.

In 2014, I cofounded CMX, an annual conference and community for over 20,000 community professionals. It was eventually acquired by Bevy, a community events platform, where I served as the VP of Community. Those years taught me a lot about the trials and triumphs of community leadership.

Community leaders often tell me they keep my book, The Business of Belonging, on their desk, which makes me smile.

For two years I hosted a podcast called Masters of Community where I interviewed the world’s top community builders and experts. The podcast is currently on pause but you can still listen to the 93 episodes we published.

When I’m not thinking about community I’m usually in the woods, meditating, reading, or being silly with my wife, parents, and two kids.