Hey there, I’m David 👋

I study communities and teach you how they work.

I write a weekly newsletter where I explore community theory and share community-building and business frameworks.

I also host a job board and talent collective to help companies hire qualified community professionals.

And I work with 3-5 companies at a time as a community strategy consultant.

My book, The Business of Belonging [Wiley 2021] has sold over 10,000 copies and community builders often tell me they keep it on their desk, which makes me smile.

Previously, I cofounded CMX, the annual conference and community of over 20,000 community professionals.

In 2019, CMX was acquired by Bevy, a platform for hosting chapter-based community ecosystems, where I served as the VP of Community for three years.

For two years I hosted a podcast called Masters of Community where I interviewed the world’s top community builders and experts. The podcast is currently on pause, you can still listen to the 93 episodes we published. I might bring it back soon if I’m feeling frisky.

When I’m not thinking or writing about community I’m usually asleep, on a hike alone in the woods, or being silly with my wife and son (and soon daughter).

You can follow me on Twitter and Linkedin where I regularly share community-building tips and musings.