Community Leadership Coaching

Community building is beautiful work. It can also be complex, lonely, and thankless work.

In my 15 years building communities, I’d spend every day working to serve others: designing experiences, facilitating conversations, mediating conflict, deciding who to include and who to empathetically exclude… all while figuring out how to make it financially sustainable and not overwork myself (which I royally failed at).

And that was just half the battle. The other half was happening internally, as I navigated my shadows. I’d find myself driven by fears of loneliness, people-pleasing tendencies, social perfectionism, unconscious privilege, conflict avoidance, cravings for reputation and power… the list goes on.

These shadows have caused me a great deal of stress, anxiety, and depression. And of course, our shadows don’t just impact us. They make their way into the communities we build and touch everyone around us. They limit our ability to show up fully, bravely, and consciously for our members.

For my entire career as a community leader, I never had someone in my corner who had been through it. I want to be that person for the next generation of community leaders.

I work with community founders and leaders on both of these levels:

  1. Community Leadership: We will work together to design and lead a meaningful community. I support you as you navigate all the joys and challenges that come with starting and growing a community.
  2. Inner work: We will work with the shadows and stories that arise within you along your journey. We will inspect where you find tension in your role as a community leader, and help you lead with your whole, true self. We will navigate burnout and help you find sustainable paths to doing this work.

I won’t have all the answers. I may not have many answers at all. My job is to be a mirror and to help you find the truths within yourself about the community you want to bring into the world, and how you want to show up as a human and community leader. Of course, wherever it fits, I will also share my experience and learnings, and offer templates and tools to help you along the way.

My community design philosophy is rooted in emergence. I believe that you can’t force a community to exist any more than you can force a plant to spring from the soil. But if you create a container with the right intention, people, and experience, you can’t stop a community from emerging.

We’ll work together to discover that container, to bring a beautiful community to life, and to find healing for yourself along the way.

I’ve worked with a lot of consultants in all types of different areas of focus, and this was my most interesting and meaningful work I’ve done. 

– Devin Gage, Founder of Gage Strength Training

Coaching Structure:

I currently work with up to five clients at a time. The cost is a $3,600/month retainer and includes:
– a minimum of two calls per month
– asynchronous support via email and text
– all preparation and post-call work

I ask for a minimum of a three-month energetic commitment. Most engagements last around nine months but some have been three months and some have continued for years. After the first three months, you can choose to stop at any time.

If you need more than two calls per month, we will schedule more than two calls and that will be included in the price. I want you to feel comfortable calling on me as much as you need as we navigate these community seas together.

I also offer a limited number of sliding scale pricing slots for clients who can’t afford my full rate. I care deeply about this work and am energized to support anyone who is a good fit, regardless of your financial situation.

If you’re interested in working together, please fill out the request form below. If it looks like a good potential fit, we will schedule a “chemistry call” where we will get to know each other, practice coaching together, and determine if there’s a good mutual match.

Speak soon.

If you’re just looking for short-term guidance, I also offer one-off coaching calls.

I’ll give you feedback on your community and answer your most critical community questions which you’ll send to me ahead of time.

These calls include:

  • One hour of prep time so I can show up to our call ready to go
  • A call where we will dive right into your challenges and help you get actionable insights
  • One follow-up email with notes from our call and a chance to ask follow up questions asynchronously

Click here to book a one-off coaching call with me:

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Thank you to Derek Haswell, Ruth Diaz, and Steve Schlafman. I’ve largely structured my coaching practice around their example.